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Drape Interiors with Grey Hues

When it comes to the fabric trends of 2013, tradition is slowly making its way back in vogue, infused with modern touches. Grey is the new beige and velvet has overtaken some of the most popular fabrics of recent years. Grey especially has been a dominant trend this year, be it in drapes, soft furnishings or upholstery, given its richness of colour. Greys can be used to evoke a number of different moods, for example slate adds a strong, more powerful touch to an interior, whilst a light or smoky grey invokes a feeling of calm.

Velvet is one of the oldest fabrics in the world (the weaving technique has been traced back to approximately 2000 BC in Egypt) and was traditionally associated with nobility. It is sufficiently heavy to hang elegantly whilst falling gracefully over curves, making it suitable for drapes and upholstery along with formal clothing. Royalty and nobility used to be dressed in clothing made purely from velvets and silks; it was so exclusive, it was rarely available outside these circles. Today, it is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world and is increasing in popularity given its high durability, ability to smarten up a room and keep a house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. It is not surprising that more people than ever are returning to curtains after years of preferring blinds.

Classic velvets are being used for both modern and traditional applications, showing the need for a more refined, sophisticated look even in contemporary settings. Mohair, silk, wool and cashmere blends have all taken prominence over their modern counterparts as more people realise the importance of having a good quality fabric in the home. Better quality means better longevity and a higher chance of the fabric weathering daily wear and tear; investing in a good quality fabric such as velvet ensures you will have something that lasts for years.

Muted colours in the home have been known to help saleability, proving to be another good investment. If and when the time comes to sell a house (or even let it) buyers are more likely to look at one with neutral colours, giving them more opportunity to envisage what they could do with it. Think of your home’s colour palette as an important backdrop which sets the stage for furnishings and decor – it is the thing that will give your home a unique feel whilst still offering buyers an idea of what they would or could do once they move in.

The combination of contemporary and traditional has created stunning interiors and allows people to make a statement with their home – not just a physical one, but a statement of their personalities. Velvet might conjure up childhood memories for some who might wish to add a modern touch to avoid an outdated look – investing in a grey coloured velvet fabric will ensure that the interior is on trend, whilst fulfilling the desire to include something from one’s childhood. Grey, being a neutral colour, will also lend itself to remaining classic for years and will keep the home stylish. Adding a metallic grey velvet cushion to a sofa can instantly revamp whilst keeping it modern, upholstering an armchair in dark grey velvet adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the living room, and adding a soft grey velvet throw to a bed creates a feeling of calm cosiness. However you decide to use it, investing in greys and velvets is sure to keep your home in style.