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The broad range of velvet fabrics that Northcroft Fabrics has in its collection gives designers plenty of opportunity to work within their clients budgets whether large or more limited and in traditional or modern styles. Gaufraged velvets are a speciality of Northcroft Fabrics and are made by embossing a plain velvet between two heated rollers under great pressure. The traditional designs are deeply engraved in the upper roller. Northcroft Fabrics stock a large selection and can produce many more designs for special orders.

Cotton Velvet

Northcroft Fabrics cotton velvet Rochelle offers a large range of colours for both traditional and modern furnishing and is equally suitable as upholstery fabric or curtain fabric. It is hard wearing to contract standard and has a soft drape. Plain cotton velvets can be embossed or gaufraged and Northcroft Fabrics have the designs Navarre, Duc de Bougogne, Carnot and the stripe Faidherbe in a selection of colours from the range.

Linen Velvet

Linen velvet fabrics such as Seville have a rustic or antique look and an interesting texture which is very suitable for gaufraging. The historic designs Dampierre and Sans Gene are stocked for traditional interiors while the Art-Deco design called Deco, embossed with rollers from the actual period, has been added to give a more modern look.

Modacrylic Velvets

The Henley Collection offers a velvet fabric that is fire retardant to domestic and contract standards. Henley is a plain modacrylic velvet fabric available in 13 colours and also as a permanent gaufraged velvet in 3 designs – Bougainville, Cassandre and Jean-Bart This velvet fabric is extremely hard wearing and suitable for use as an upholstery fabric or as a curtain fabric.

Mohair velvet

Mohair velvet is a luxurious but hard wearing fabric that is perfect for re-upholstering Victorian button-backed chairs and sofas or can be used as a curtain fabric for full length curtains in high ceiling rooms. Mohair velvet is also naturally fire retardant so the Marlow velvet has been used in contract locations such as the Savoy Hotel restaurant where this is essential.

Silk Velvet

Silk is used to make the most luxurious of all velvet fabrics and Northcroft Fabrics offer a wide choice. Windsor is a plain silk velvet in a large range of colours. Buckingham is an antique velvet woven with a contrasting slub as was often made in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Beaufort is a gaufrage velvet and Verona is a cut and uncut jacquard velvet. Northcroft Fabrics have made specially dyed silk velvets for historic house where an exact colour is needed to reproduce the original furnishings.